Sheboygan Paint Company produces liquid industrial coatings that make a difference when it comes to the protection and appearance of various metal, wood, and plastic substrates.

Chemistries include both water and solvent based products in air dry, force cure and bake systems, all available in both single and two-component systems.

Formula development starts and ends at the customer interface from listening to customer needs to full-scale commercialization of custom finishing solutions. A great degree of emphasis is placed on scale-up of products from laboratory to production ensuring that product specifications can consistently be achieved as designed. All commercial production is tested and approved prior to release.

Finished products are packaged in totes and drums or five and one gallon pails. Additional warehousing out of California enables rapid nationwide distribution. Sheboygan Paint also offers ninety day inventory stocking programs and provides customers with environmental reporting based on shipment history.

INDUSTRIAL SMOKE STACK - An architectural wall coating used for industrial chimney stacks and buildings. 100% waterproof and weatherproof formula locks moisture out, protects against temperature extremes, smog, salt water, UV rays, chemical pollutants and acid rain while forming a complete vapor and moisture barrier on all surfaces.

Industrial Smoke Stack

TEXTILE - Flexible, abrasion resistant coatings meant to retain color and provide protection for specific uses in the textile industry. Helping your textiles go the extra mile, our coatings are colorfast and made to last.


LIVESTOCK MARKING - Brush-on marker coatings that are non-toxic, water-based, and expertly formulated. They contain a bittering agent to prevent animals from licking it off. These specific formulations have many uses which include breeding verification, herd grouping, and treatment indication. Available in a wide variety of colors.

Livestock Marking

MOLDED PLASTIC ORNAMENTS - Specifically designed products to adhere to plastic surfaces. Our fast dry formulations are designed to meet the quick turn-around often required in this highly competitive industry.

Molded Plastic Ornaments