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“We have been a customer of Sheboygan Paint Company for more than 30 years. Their product is good. It’s consistent. And on those rare occasions when we do have a problem, they respond immediately to get it corrected and they have knowledgeable people to get it squared away. They’re very attentive and will go the extra mile for us.”

– Buyer at a leading global diversified metals manufacturing company

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Drum and cylinder OEMs and reconditioners require paint that sprays, applies and cures precisely to their specifications. Their coatings must work consistently, reliably and efficiently with their equipment so they can run their paint lines 24 hours a day, if needed. That’s why the nation’s largest steel drum and cylinder OEMs and reconditioning facilities rely on Sheboygan Paint Company to meet their coating needs. We tailor our custom products to each individual manufacturing or reconditioning site. Line speeds, application equipment, color patterns, environmental conditions and local regulations can all play a vital role in providing unique finished products.

Top-performing Exterior Topcoat & Interior Liner Products

Sheboygan Paint Company produces exterior topcoat products in various technologies for bake, air dry or force-cured finishes, as well as chemical-resistant phenolic and epoxy phenolic interior liner products. Our products are uniquely formulated to meet each customer’s needs. Our phenolic resins, used for interior liners, are very hard and durable. They are extremely resistant to solvents and acids like insecticides, agricultural chemicals and corrosive materials. Our FDA-compliant epoxy phenolic resins for interior liners work well with water-based products, medium-strength solvents, mild acids and detergents. Through our innovative custom formulations, we have established a portfolio of high-performing popular products. These solutions provide a range of durable coatings that can extend the service life of drums and cylinders.

Sheboygan Paint Company’s Most Popular Drum & Cylinder Coatings:




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Production Efficiency


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By being attentive to our customers we are able to listen and respond to their critical needs. We produce only the highest quality coatings because we understand the challenges that drums and cylinders need to endure. In switching from competitors’ standard paint products to Sheboygan Paint Company quality coatings, our customers are experiencing an immediate reduction of field claims — by as much as 30% or more. The results add dollars to our customers’ bottom lines, protect their brand reputations and ensure their customers’ satisfaction.