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    Since 1921
  • Scroller- PCI
    is listed on Paint and Coatings Industry's
    Top 25 North American Coatings Manufacturers
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    Industry Highlight:
    SHEBOYGAN PAINT COMPANY is a leading manufacturer of water-reducible
    and high solids coatings for both refinish and OEM industrial steel waste containers.
    Sheboygan Paint Company's Water-Reducible Protective Enamel Coatings are high gloss, low VOC, fast drying water
    reducible alkyd coatings intended for industrial finishing and refinishing applications.
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    Sheboygan Paint Company’s industrial coatings are priced competitively to alleviate
    economic burdens in this hyper aggressive marketplace
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Our Company

The Sheboygan Paint Company formulates and supplies custom industrial finishing solutions to meet customer coating requirements. Headquartered in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, the company has provided high quality, cost-effective, environmentally compliant products for over 90 years. In 1984, an affiliated company, Sheboygan Paint Company of Cedartown, Georgia was established.
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