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Sheboygan Paint Company Announces New Chairman of the Board

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Published On: 05.24.2024

  • Press Release

SHEBOYGAN, WIS – Sheboygan Paint Company is pleased to announce the succession of the Chairman of the Board from Charlie Malingowski to Jay Brownrigg. This is a final step of a multi-year phased transition of management and ownership from fourth to fifth generation.

Brownrigg has held numerous positions at Sheboygan Paint Company across product development, purchasing and operations. He currently serves as Director ERP & Digital Innovation and recently earned a Master of Business Administration Degree from Pepperdine Business School. Brownrigg will represent the family ownership group, comprised of himself and four siblings, to ensure alignment across ownership, board, and management.

“It was important to both fourth and fifth generation owners to get the timing right and ensure a coordinated transfer of management and oversight of the company,” said Brownrigg. “We believe we are at an appropriate phase to transition the Chairman role. I want to thank Charlie for his many years of service working in key leadership roles at the family enterprise, as well as providing an excellent example to follow as Chairman of the Board.”

“Jay provides alignment across family, board and management, creating a very workable structure in terms of quick and efficient decision-making,” said President & CEO Paul Krueger. “This has been key to the record financial performance achieved in 2023 as well as record levels of capital re-investment into our operations to better serve our customers and sustain our growth in future years.”

“Sheboygan Paint Company has always been a central part of my life,” said Brownrigg. “I have seen first-hand the dedication and commitment of previous generations. Having worked as an employee in the business and later as a board member, I have a deep appreciation for what it takes to keep our business thriving. I am honored to represent the fifth generation of owners now as Chairman of the Board.”

Sheboygan Paint Company formulates and supplies custom industrial finishing solutions, producing innovative water- and solvent-based coatings that protect and enhance the appearance of metal, wood and plastic substrates. Founded in 1921 and headquartered in Sheboygan, WI, the company serves customers throughout North America from its manufacturing facilities and onsite labs in Sheboygan and Cedartown, GA. The company has been named a “Top 25 North American Paint & Coatings Manufacturer” by Paint & Coatings Industry Magazine.



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