Color-matched industrial coatings

Protect your Brand Equity with Color-Matched Paint

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Published On: 02.07.2024

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Consistent use of color across different brand elements like logos, packaging, products and advertising creates a visual identity. If colors vary, even just a little, brand equity can suffer. As an OEM, you have an opportunity to strengthen brand recognition with precise color matches of your coatings to your brand or your customers’ brands.

Paints and coatings are applied to protect. They also are designed to beautify. Because coatings formulas can vary widely to meet a variety of specifications, nailing a precise color match in addition can be challenging. Nevertheless, painted parts and equipment must be consistent in appearance with brand guidelines.

Select the Right Partner for Exact Color Matching for OEM Applications
Achieving an exact color match requires a coatings supplier with expert research and development technicians who really understand the science of coatings. Because different formulas, substrates and application techniques can affect color, OEMs must select a coatings partner with the willingness, expertise, technologies and processes to provide color-matching services and produce exact color matches.

Following are several areas that can affect color matching of industrial paint.

Part or Equipment Substrate
– Certain coatings formulas applied to substrates, such as metal or plastic, can result in variation in the color. Ensure your coating technology is formulated and color matched precisely for your substrate. This is especially important if a variety of substrates or application methods are involved.

Paint Manufacturing Variation
– When paint is manufactured, variation in color can occur from batch to batch. Ensure your coatings manufacturer has the expertise, technologies and processes to ensure an exact, consistent color match.

– Industrial paint can be affected by weather conditions and environments, such as dirt and debris, UV rays, harsh temperatures, and more. Over time, the coating can become worn, and the color can fade. Ensure your industrial coating technology is formulated to deliver your brand colors not only at the onset but to meet your durability requirements.

Color Matching with Sheboygan Paint Company
Sheboygan Paint Company understands how critical a perfect color match is to brand identity. Our experienced team of lab and field technicians work with customers to create coatings that protect and beautify… and meet exact brand color standards. Through a variety of methods and technologies, we achieve the exact color, gloss and properties that OEM manufacturers seek, and provide responsive color-matching services. We work tirelessly with our customers to formulate, produce and test our coatings to achieve the precise color and protection properties required.

Want to learn more about how Sheboygan Paint Company can create your exact color match? Get started by viewing our most popular colors on our online Color Library, then contact us to discuss how we can create your custom color match: 800.773.7801. Go ahead. Challenge us!


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