Why Good Service is Important in Your Paint Provider

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Published On: 08.16.2023

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When working with a paint manufacturer, the quality of the product is one of the most important things you look for. Your paint manufacturer should also offer top-notch technical and customer service to back up their product. But what does that mean? What should you look for in your paint provider’s support service, and how can you ensure your paint provider will be able to provide the service you need?

Coatings Provider Service Checklist

Along with providing a high-quality product, your coatings supplier should offer these support services for the best possible experience.

Precision Color Matching

Do you have a brand or existing color you must match? Ensure your supplier can color match for industrial product coatings that meet your exacting brand requirements. Do they have an on-site lab? Do they have the commitment to making your color perfect for you?

At Sheboygan Paint Company, our coating scientists use state-of-the-art technology to accurately match a color and gloss level…And we don’t stop working until we get it right.

Quality Testing

Product quality testing assures that your paint provider meets your coating goals prior to production and shipment. Your coatings provider should offer extensive product testing to confirm the coating meets your performance specifications for durability, application, and other standards important to you.

The Technical Team at Sheboygan Paint Company ensures all products meet customers’ performance specifications. Standard testing for paint performance properties, dry times, application and other attributes is conducted, and testing can be customized to simulate certain environmental conditions. Further, on-site trials at customers’ facilities provide real-time insights on application, performance characteristics, and paint line setup and process.

Flexible Innovation

Is your paint supplier willing and able to create a custom coating formulation that precisely meets your needs? Do they have a lab on site, and do they perform their own research and development, tailored to your specifications? Are they flexible and innovative enough to offer alternatives that keep your paint line running?

At Sheboygan Paint Company, we are constantly working to create better coating formulas and stay at the top of industry innovations. We start by listening to our customers – what works well and what pain points exist – then identify solutions to fit the specific needs.  Solutions can range from paint products to on-line application to paint line process and training.


Perhaps one of the most important roles of a Technical Service Team is troubleshooting. Your paint supplier should strive to provide you with the perfect paint for your needs. Sometimes, though, issues arise. Does your vendor’s Technical Service Team have the knowledge and responsiveness you need should you have trouble on the paint line?

In the paint business for over 100 years, the team at Sheboygan Paint Company draws upon a century’s worth of experience. Our flexible, agile, and knowledgeable lab experts and technical service representatives are known to drop everything to help solve customers’ problems, even if they are not due to our product. We understand how critical it is to keep paint lines running and want our customers to be successful.

CustomerizationSM With Sheboygan Paint Company

At Sheboygan Paint Company, we operate with one simple philosophy in mind: Treat each customer with attentive, personalized service that delivers solutions that meet their specific requirements. We call that CustomerizationSM. We realize that there isn’t always a “one size fits all” product when it comes to industrial coatings. While all our customers work hard to deliver the best product to their customers, each deals with different challenges and environments. Our coatings experts listen to our customers’ needs and help create a solution that fits. Our goal is to do our very best in serving our customers’ needs and strengthening their competitive advantage through our coatings. CustomerizationSM drives us to create the perfect product, supported by application expertise and responsive service.

Do you have a paint line problem that needs to be solved? Contact us today! We at Sheboygan Paint Company are happy to have a conversation and gain a better understanding of your industrial coatings needs.


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