Sheboygan Paint Company to present catalyst for environmentally-friendly paint at conference

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Published On: 09.06.2021

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SHEBOYGAN – Sheboygan Paint Company will be presenting a patent-pending technology for a catalyst designed to make environmentally-friendly paint accessible to more commercial industries. The presentation will take place at theCoating Trends & Technologies Conference in Chicago on Sept. 8.

The new technology will be presented by Sheboygan Paint Company’s director of research and development, Cynthia Baricos. The patent is Sheboygan PaintCompany’s first in its 100-year history.

By manipulating the resin and metal substrates, the new technology will allow isocyanate/formaldehyde-free resin to be applied over a wider variety of primers, or to adhere directly to metal. The result is greater flexibility to the existing product.

The new product is currently going through testing phases, but is expected to be market ready by the first quarter of 2022.


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