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Sheboygan Paint Company Scientist to Present on Patent-Pending Coatings Technology

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Published On: 09.01.2021

  • Press Release

SHEBOYGAN, WIS –Cynthia Baricos, director of research and development for Sheboygan Paint Company, will present on the company’s patent-pending technology at the Coatings Trends & Technologies ConferenceSeptember 8, 2021, in Chicago. Baricos, colleague Samantha Moran, and their team at Sheboygan Paint Company have developed a catalyst that makes environmentally friendly paint more accessible to a wider variety of commercial industries.

By manipulating the resin and metal substrates, the new innovation will allow isocyanate/formaldehyde-free resin to be applied over a wider variety of primers, or to adhere directly to metal. This vastly increases the flexibility of the existing product, essentially bringing“green” industrial paint to the masses. In an environment of increasing regulations, the utility of this invention could displace conventional solvent-borne technology.

The product is currently successfully running through testing phases, with expectations that it will be brought to market in the first quarter of 2022. The innovation was filed for patent March 31, 2021–Sheboygan Paint Company’s first-ever patent in the company’s 100 years in operation.

Sheboygan Paint Company formulates and supplies custom industrial finishing solutions, producing innovative water and solvent-based coatings that protect and enhance the appearance of metal, wood and plastic substrates. Founded in Sheboygan, WI, in 1921, the company also has locations in Georgia, California and Pennsylvania, and serves customers throughout the Midwest.


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