Color Matching industrial coatings

Develops new coating formulation for fire hose industry.


Meets East Coast demand with acquisition of Sentry Paint, located in Pennsylvania. Adds West Coast distribution from Los Angeles, California. Upgrades formulation for racking system coatings.


Secures national contracts to supply coatings for the waste hauling industry


Innovates extensive lines of water-based and high-solids coatings, allowing customers in multiple industries to meet Federal VOC requirements well ahead of 1985 deadline. Develops water-based coating to meet EPA standards. Builds state-of-the-art industrial coating manufacturing plant in Cedartown, Georgia, to responsively fulfill orders throughout the southern U.S.


Develops revolutionary conductive coating with outstanding holdout for leading toilet seat manufacturers.


Advances ahead of the industrial coatings industry, piloting water-based coating formulations and trials. Builds new manufacturing plant to expand production at the current location in Sheboygan.


Begins focusing on providing solutions for manufacturers and refinishers who spray-paint metal parts


Begins building a reputation as the problem-solver for industrial paint line challenges.


Founded to produce varnish for the wooden chair manufacturing industry.


Adds leadership talent that further strengthens operational performance and customer service. Formulates innovative water-base dip solutions that perform to better-than-industry standards for the steel door industry. Introduces innovative DTM urethane technology. Develops new zinc-rich primer to fulfill the protection needs of heavy-duty trailer manufacturers. In 2021, celebrates 100th anniversary under the stewardship of the fifth generation of Brownrigg family ownership. Unveils innovative patent-pending technology for a catalyst designed to make environmentally friendly industrial coatings accessible to more industries. Granted U.S. trademark registration for UraguardĀ® brand polyurethane topcoat, which provides long-lasting protection and beautification of metal products and equipment

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