Rail Freight Cars

“Sheboygan Paint Company’s customer service, pricing, and on-time delivery are a great fit for us. They are very truthful on what they say they’re going to do. They’re flexible when we need them to be.”

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Protect from Weather & Rugged Treatment

With Sheboygan Paint Company High-Quality Coatings

By being attentive to our customers, we are able to listen and respond to their critical needs. We produce only the highest quality coatings for railcars because we understand the abuse they sustain, from severe weather to impact. Our customers tell us that, given the choice, they select Sheboygan Paint Company coatings every time for their ease of use, “phenomenal coverage” with long-lasting gloss, and durability.

Sheboygan Paint Company is willing and able to deliver precisely the right wet paint and railcar coatings formulation, application and performance solutions to enable your paint line to achieve durable, high-quality, cost-effective finishes on your products’ surfaces.

Through innovative formulations we have established a portfolio of high-quality products that provide a wide range of solutions to precisely fit the specific needs of customers in the railcar industry. Our portfolio includes both water-borne and solvent-borne coating systems that provide optimum protection for all types of railcars. 


• High-build Acrylic DTM

• Primers & Topcoats


• Epoxy

• Urethanes

• Alkyds

Top-performing Railcar Coatings For Body & Underbody Protection

A leading custom formulator of industrial coatings, Sheboygan Paint Company is recognized as a partner of choice in the rail industry. We are nimble enough to make our customers a priority and powerful enough to provide the innovation and expertise needed to solve problems.

Through our innovative custom formulations, we have established a portfolio of high-performing popular products. These solutions provide a range of durable coatings that protect rail utility and cargo cars – and their underbodies – to keep them looking great through the tough conditions they endure.

Sheboygan Paint Company’s

Key Products for the Rail Industry

  • Low VOC DTM Gloss Epoxy
  • Low VOC DTM Gloss Urethane
  • Water-borne DTM High-build Acrylic
  • Water-borne Jacket Primer
  • Water-borne and Solvent-borne Non-Skid



Outstanding Application Properties


Fast Dry/Cure Time


Fade Resistance


Low VOC Available


Application Troubleshooting & Expertise


Proven Durability


Corrosion Resistant


Consistent Performance


Great Weatherability


Excellent Coverage


Fast Dry Time = Better Production Efficiency with Cars Back in Service Quickly

Outstanding Application Properties = Great Coverage and Wide Painter Acceptance

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Save Time, Money and Reputation

With Sheboygan Paint Company High-Quality Coatings

In switching from competitors’ standard paint products to Sheboygan Paint Company quality coatings, our customers are experiencing an immediate reduction of field claims — by as much as 30% or more. The results add dollars to our customers’ bottom lines, protect their brand reputations and ensure their customers’ satisfaction.