“Delivery time is one of the most important things for the trailer industry. Sheboygan Paint Company does a better job on their deliveries than anyone else. We are never down because of them. And the quality of their paint is great!”

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at a leading heavy-duty trailer manufacturer

Durable Protection

With Sheboygan Paint Company High-Quality Coatings

Heavy-duty trailers must stand up to rugged treatment, from freezing winter temperatures, ice, snow and road salt to high heat and humidity and intense sunlight. Trailer manufacturers need a coating they can rely on to consistently protect their product and maintain its appearance.

The Sheboygan Paint Company portfolio includes both water-borne and solvent-borne coating systems for protection and high-gloss topcoats. We can even custom-match color for the look your customers want. Our industry-leading zinc-rich primer and urethane topcoats surpass industry standards, competitor performance and our customers’ specifications. In fact, when used with our solvent-based epoxy primer, our Uraguard® topcoat system resists corrosion for more than 5,000 hours!

Through innovative formulations we have established a portfolio of high-quality products that provide a range of solutions to precisely fit your specific needs. Our portfolio includes both water-borne and solvent-borne coating systems that provide optimum finish and protection for heavy-duty trailers.


• Water-reducible Alkyds

• Acrylic Emulsions

• Water-reducible Urethanes

• Epoxy Esters

• Alkyd Melamine Bakes

• Self Cross-linking Acrylics


• Alkyds and Urethanes

• Low VOC Polyester Bakes

• Epoxy Primers

• Zinc-rich Epoxy Primers

• Alkyd Melamine Bakes

• Nitrocellulose Lacquers

• Pre-catalyzed Lacquers

Top Performing Coatings & On-time Delivery
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As important as it is for trailers to look good, it is critical that they perform well against the elements. Our utility and cargo DTM coatings have been tested with leaders in the trailer industry and consistently meet or exceed our larger competitors’ performance specifications. And as a leading mid-sized coating company, we are attentive to every customer and deliver first-class innovation to provide precisely the coating solutions that trailer manufacturers and their customers need.

Sheboygan Paint Company’s Most Popular Heavy-Duty Trailer Coatings:




Proven Durability






Pb & Cr Free


Low or No HAPs


Easy to Use & Clean Up


Consistent Performance


Fast Dry/Cure Time


Great Weatherability


Excellent Coverage, even on Trailer Details



Production Efficiency


Fewer Returns & Repaints


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Save Time, Money and Reputation

With Sheboygan Paint Company High-Quality Coatings

By being attentive to our customers we are able to listen and respond to their critical needs. We produce only the highest quality coatings because we understand the challenges that heavy-duty trailers need to endure. In switching from competitors’ paint products to Sheboygan Paint Company quality coatings, our customers are impressed by the ease of application, strength of adhesion, fast drying properties and overall excellent flexibility of our products.