Sheboygan Paint Company produces liquid industrial coatings that make a difference when it comes to the protection and appearance of various metal, wood, and plastic substrates.

Chemistries include both water and solvent based products in air dry, force cure and bake systems, all available in both single and two-component systems.

Formula development starts and ends at the customer interface from listening to customer needs to full-scale commercialization of custom finishing solutions. A great degree of emphasis is placed on scale-up of products from laboratory to production ensuring that product specifications can consistently be achieved as designed. All commercial production is tested and approved prior to release.

Finished products are packaged in totes and drums or five and one gallon pails. Additional warehousing out of California enables rapid nationwide distribution. Sheboygan Paint also offers ninety day inventory stocking programs and provides customers with environmental reporting based on shipment history.

STRUCTURAL STEEL - Whether water or solvent based, you can depend on our fast drying, corrosion resistant structural steel primers to extend the life of steel and steel components in even the most severe environments. Designed to tenaciously adhere to steel substrates, our primers were designed to protect, year after year.

Structural Steel

WAREHOUSE RACKING - High quality, compliant, durable and efficient coatings made for various application methods and meant to endure the rigors of the warehouse environment. From cold arctic temperatures to the desert heat, our coatings are developed to perform.

Industrial Racking

WOOD PRODUCTS - Whether it's windows, furniture, trim, or doors, trust Sheboygan Paint Company's interior and exterior wood finishes for all your coating needs. Our coatings provide increased durability while maintaining the natural appearance of wood.

Wood Products

CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT - Providing high quality finishes that perform better and last longer for the Construction, Mining or Material Handling Machinery & Equipment industries. Sheboygan Paint Company will customize a coating solution for use on your specific substrate. Our coatings will be optimized and customized to meet your specific needs like corrosion protection, durability and appearance.

Construction Equipment

AGRICULTURAL EQUIPMENT - Long-lasting durability, ease of application, brilliant appearance, and resistance to whatever is thrown its way, are critical in the agricultural industry. Sheboygan Paint Company has researched, tested and perfected its coatings to withstand the harshest of environments.

Agricultural Equipment

LAWN AND GARDEN EQUIPMENT - Outdoor exposure provides for some of the harshest environments that we formulate coatings to protect against. Over the years Sheboygan Paint Company has developed many products for Lawn & Garden applications that are able to withstand the test of time.

Lawn and Garden Equipment

TRANSPORTATION - Our coatings provide long-term corrosion and weather protection that extend the life of your transportation equipment. We will develop specific solutions to provide the combination of aesthetics and performance you require. Over time, corrosion can present a major safety hazard and result in lengthy and expensive repairs. From sunny coastal environments to the snow and ice of the North, you can count on Sheboygan Paint Company to provide a barrier that protects your components from harsh environments.


OFFICE FURNITURE - Sheboygan Paint Company's coatings in the furniture industry can be traced back to 1921, when we produced vanish for the wooden chair industry. Our coatings are both functional and durable, offering scratch and mar resistance on interior furniture as well as UV durability and corrosion resistance of exterior furniture.

Office Furniture

METAL DOORS AND FRAMES - Our steel door primers provide maximum protection for commercial steel doors and frames. Our primers are designed to adhere, protect and provide the best possible foundation for most architectural and industrial top coats.

Metal Doors and Frames

ELECTRIC MOTORS AND GENERATORS - Designed to perform in extreme environments, Sheboygan Paint Company's products are engineered for a wide range of substrates including steel, aluminum, and plastic. Our formulations have been optimized to resist heat, chemicals and corrosion.

Electric Motors and Generators

GENERAL METAL COATINGS - Sheboygan Paint Company takes great pride in understanding your specific coating needs. Whether its simply aesthetics or protection from UV or corrosion, we are ready to provide a custom solution to your exact application requirements along with the functionality and service you require.

General Metal Coatings