OEM Bottle and Cylinder
Manufacturers and Re-conditioners

Sheboygan Paint services both OEM Bottle & Cylinder manufacturers and re-conditioners with quality custom solutions. We manufacture water and solvent based products in various technologies for bake, air dry, or force cured finishes; specifically formulated to meet the needs of end-user processes.


The service life of propane tanks and gas cylinders in the field can be greatly extended when properly maintained. The nations largest bottle reconditioning facilities, from coast to coast, rely on Sheboygan Paint to provide cost-effective quality maintenance coatings.

Propane Reconditioning


North America’s largest cylinder manufacturer and many other bottle or cylinder makers utilize our expertise in providing uniquely customized finishing solutions. Whether it’s product beautification, protection, and/or content identification; let Sheboygan Paint formulate to your needs.

Colored Propane Cylinders

Propane Cylinder

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Propane Cylinders Sizes