Who Are We

The Sheboygan Paint Company was founded in 1921 to produce varnish for the wooden chair manufacturing industry. We formulate and supply custom industrial finishing solutions to meet customer-coating requirements. Growth has been achieved through the development and adaptation of new coatings technologies. Headquartered in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, the company has provided high quality, cost effective, environmentally compliant products for over 90 years. In 1984, an affiliated company, Sheboygan Paint Company of Cedartown, Georgia was established. Through merger and acquisition, in 2003 the company expanded to improve its service to the East coast.

Sheboygan Paint Company has an in-house technical department that performs the research and development of various products. Each product is custom formulated according to the customer's exact specifications from gloss to substrate. Lab formulations are tested on small scale equipment similar to equipment used in the production process to ensure product performance. Sheboygan Paint Company manufacturing involves working with competitive vendors to purchase bulk raw materials that ensure reasonable costs for our customers. The production process involves mixing, milling, tinting and filling techniques. Our quality control department ensures that every product receives the appropriate verification testing to ensure it meets the customers needs before it is shipped. Sheboygan Paint Company is committed to provide our customers with excellent service

Sheboygan Paint Company maintains a full range of environmental and safety related customer support services. Sheboygan Paint Company maintains and continuously updates our Safety Data Sheets with the cooperation of our vendors. Sheboygan Paint Company stays alert of regulatory changes and relays vital information to our customers.

Service Capabilities

Manufacturing facilities in Wisconsin and Georgia each have fully staffed developmental labs to provide custom formulated coatings to meet our customer's unique needs. A technical service and distribution center is located in Eastern Pennsylvania. These facilities along with a distribution facility located in Southern California enable Sheboygan Paint to service accounts nation wide.

Quality Statement

Sheboygan Paint Company’s Quality Policy is committed to the following:

  • A System of quality management that provides a framework to establish, review and meet quality objectives;
  • A Product and service that meets or exceeds customer requirements;
  • A Continual improvement process to ensure the effectiveness of the Quality Management System and continued business success.

Mission / Vision / Values and Guiding Principles


Sheboygan Paint Company will formulate and supply custom finishing solutions for our customer’s coatings requirements by providing high quality, cost-effective, and environmentally compliant products.


The Sheboygan Paint Company, a family owned business, will be an industry leader by providing innovative finishing solutions.


The Sheboygan Paint Company believes:

  • Providing Value to our Customers is Paramount
  • Our Employees are our Most Valuable Resource and Their Health and Safety are a Top Priority
  • Conduct Business in an Open, Honest, and Forthright Manner
  • Conserve and Protect the Environment
  • Actively Support and Promote our Community

Our History