Stack-kote is an architectural wall coating for industrial chimney stacks and buildings. Stack-kote's 100% waterproof and weatherproof formula locks moisture out, protects against temperature extremes, smog, salt water, UV rays, chemical pollutants and acid rain. Stack-kote forms a complete vapor and moisture barrier on all surfaces.

  • Instant waterproof protection for industrial applications
  • Seals and protects in just ONE coat
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Environmentally safe
  • Suitable for low temperature applications
Industrial Smoke Stack


Stack-kote is a natural oil-based waterproof industrial chimney stack coating, which uses a special blend of polymerized oils to create a tough weatherproof coating with excellent adhesion and flexibility.Stack-kote’s biobased formula is resistant to mildew, mold and ultraviolet light attack and provides a complete moisture barrier against air and condensation. Stack-kote’s adhesion and flexibility are designed to withstand structural movement associated with temperature fluctuation. It can be brushed, troweled or sprayed.


Stack-kote has a very thick, “paste-like”consistency; finished application has a medium gloss and a leather-like appearance. Stack-kote surface dries, but remains flexible and pliable underneath. Standard colors of Stack-kote are White, Light Gray, Concrete Gray, Brick Red, Desert Tan, Sandrock, Silver Gray, Off-White, Black, Galvanized Gray and International Orange. Special colors are available; contact your customer service representative or sales representative for more information. Stack-kote is available in 5-gallon pails and 55-gallon drums.


Stack-kote can be used over many exterior wall or chimney surfaces: concrete, concrete block, precast concrete, brick, terra cotta, stucco, steel, aluminum, slate, clay and tile. Surface to be coated must be stable, moisture-free and dry. New concrete surfaces should be tested for alkalinity and neutralized, or primed with Primer-kote, if necessary, before applying Stack-kote. Before coating ANY surface, always do a test patch to check for compatibility, adhesion and soundness.



Binder-kote is a "surface preparation" product that must be used over dirty, dusty or chalky surfaces, over pinholed or blistered surfaces, or wherever adhesion may be questionable for any reason. Its sticky, resin-based formula "binds" dirt, dust and grit to the surface and forces air and moisture out of pinholes, pits and pockets often found on weathered roof surfaces. Binder-kote must also be used before coating over any porous surface like weathered concrete or wood. Galvanized metal, aluminum and bare metal surfaces require a special primer.

Binder-kote is NOT a substitute for proper surface preparation! However, if the roof surface, condition, or location prohibits or limits complete and thorough surface preparation, then Binder-kote is necessary to help Stack-Kote stick to problem surfaces.

Industrial Smoke Stack


Binder-kote, a low-solids, fast-drying resin-based surface preparation product, can be used:

  • To bind dust, dirt, chalk, and loose particles to the surface and create a sticky, tacky surface that acts as an adhesive base for coating
  • To force air and moisture out of pinholes, pits and voids on surfaces
  • To minimize blistering caused by voids and pockets
  • To level porous surfaces and extend the square foot coverage of final coating


Color: Transparent amber color.

Texture/Finished Appearance: Binder-kote is transparent, so underlying surface is readily visible. Binder-kote dries quickly, depending on porosity, application thickness and ambient weather conditions; Binder-kote will develop a “surface tack” in 10-30 minutes. It will cure in 6-8 hours and have a medium gloss.

Sizes: Binder-kote comes in gallons cans and 5-gallon pails and is available in 55-gallon drums by special order.

Application: Use as a primer only. Not intended for use as final top coat.


Binder-kote can be used over concrete, concrete block, masonry, wood, slate, tile, previously painted & cementitious surfaces. Do not use Binder-kote over soluble tar or asphalt surfaces or foam surfaces. Before coating ANY surface, always do a test patch to check for compatibility, adhesion and soundness.