Quality and Environmental Policy

The Sheboygan Paint Company is committed to aggressively managing the prevention and control of property loss, environmental stewardship, and employee safety. We will strive to identify and evaluate property, equipment and chemical hazards so that we may provide well-engineered, properly installed equipment that is located in soundly constructed and well-maintained facilities. Our dedication to these principles is fundamental to our community as well as the continued business success of our customers, our suppliers and ourselves.

Environment and Safety

The Sheboygan Paint Company maintains a full range of environmental and safety related customer support services. Due to our broad range of products and geographic service areas, Sheboygan Paint Company maintains and continually updates information on over 10,000 Safety Data Sheets. Through an ongoing program of cooperation with our many vendors and by staying alert to regulatory changes, we are able to relay vital and timely information to our customers.

Whether your needs are few or complex, the Sheboygan Paint Company can provide key information that is required for today's chemical related industries. For example, air permits require detailed Volatile Organic Chemical emission statistics. We provide an annual summary of product usage and VOC totals. We can additionally provide EPA required report information in the form of our SARA 313 reports. Detailed chemical usage and percentage by weight information is provided annually.

As with any information system, we can modify the frequency or period of any report to suit your requirements. Specific report requirements are easily accommodated by coordinating your request through your Customer Service Representative or Sales Representative.

Safety concerns regarding the usage of our products can also be easily addressed through communication with our representatives. Each customer order of every calendar year will generate a current updated Safety Data Sheet for every one of our products. This information is forwarded to you the customer in order to comply with the various OSHA requirements. We take pride in providing timely safety information and product specifications. If your information does not reach the correct individual or is misplaced, again, contact any of our many representatives for the required information.

For Department of Transportation emergencies, the Sheboygan Paint Company retains the services of EMERGENCY RESPONSE & TRAINING SOLUTIONS for 24 Hour emergency assistance. This service is dedicated to resolve transportation emergencies regarding our products.

Call 1-800-924-6804 for transportation emergency assistance.

Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

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