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Date Posted: 8/25/2022

Job Title: Research and Development Chemist

Location: Sheboygan, WI

Reports To: R&D Director

Job Category/Department: R&D

Travel Required: < 10%

Position Type: Salary

Job Purpose: We are looking for a dedicated, analytically minded and detail-oriented Chemist to carry out formulation of paint products, conduct performance paint evaluations and offset raw material selections, sample preparations as needed to support quality activities, and participate in commercialization and technology transfer process activities to ensure secure launches.

The Chemist will conduct research and explore how products, processes, and equipment may be improved, and should be dedicated to improving processes and products while furthering scientific knowledge to drive profitability.

The Chemist role, requires in-depth knowledge of paint testing, including the methods used, equipment and systems. The job will involve both a day–to-day processing of workflows through the quality control laboratory. Job flexibility will be developed to ensure appropriate support to other roles at any time in the laboratory and will be expected to help with other work outside the Department in a technical liaison role, when required. The Chemist will work closely with team members on paint formulation and testing, as well as analytical and continuous improvement projects on a day-to-day basis.

The Chemist must have enthusiasm for the task in hand and a willingness to work under pressure to meet deadlines and drive quality metrics, while working in a safe and responsible manner, always. They will wear and use correct personal protective equipment where and when laid down by the company and will follow company health and safety and environmental procedures and reporting guidelines. The job holder will also be required to train on any computer software as designated by the company.

Primary Duties and Deliverables, with guidance from R&D Leadership:

  • Formulation, Testing, and Process Technology
    • Research and optimization of new products, alternate raw material suppliers, and manufacturing processes for cost, efficiency, and quality
    • Develop, improve, and customize equipment, processes, and analytical methods
    • When required due to regulation change or opportunity, reformulate existing paint products and associated manufacturing processes.
    • Execute benchmarking studies of products. Interprets and clearly communicate results
    • Conduct investigations of product complaints.
    • Preform testing from standard procedures.
    • Prepare test formulations, conducting tests and advising and coordinating test procedures.
    • Enter or modify formulas into the formula database, as needed

  • Communication
    • Record and organize projects in an electronic format
    • Write technical papers and reports, and preparing standards and specifications for processes, tests, and products, as requested
    • Summarize complex datasets, project management notes, and process information into concise and easy to visually digest formats
  • Safety and Maintenance
    • Clean, maintain, and store testing tools and equipment
    • Create thorough reports on tests and your findings
    • Evaluate testing protocols and suggest improvements
    • Clean and maintain laboratory instruments and equipment, making sure that all the technology is working correctly, if it isn’t, troubleshoot the issue or problem. Conduct quality control tests to ensure no compounds or equipment are contaminated
    • Maintain a clean and safe work environment, at all times
    • Assure that the lab and handling of all chemicals is done consistent with company safety requirements
    • Follow all company and governmental safety procedures

    • Additional Responsibilities, as requested
      • Interact cross-functionally with other departments and sites to support or modify existing products to drive efficiency, profitability and quality, including, but not limited to:
        • Work in the laboratory and assist in the direction of the activities of one or more technicians.
        • Consult with R&D, Operations Personnel, and Technical Support Service on the analysis, interpretation of defects and optimization of tests and processes
        • Assist quality control during production
        • Assist in following batches in production and the field
        • Assist to solve manufacturing/scale-up issues to support quality operations.
        • Assist in capturing customers to specifications, concerns, and compatibility
        • Assist in evaluating and ensuring laboratory safety procedures and standards compliance
        • Use or interpret advanced analytic techniques such as chromatography, spectroscopy, and spectrophotometry techniques, as requested

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Date Posted: 8/5/2022

Job Title: Technical Service Representative

Location: East Coast

Reports To: VP of Sales

Job Category/Department: Technical

Travel Required: Regularly

Position Type: Salary

Job Purpose: Provide technical support to existing and potential customers who purchase and apply water-based and/or solvent based liquid coatings across a wide range of paint application techniques and equipment. Extensive knowledge of manufacturing processes, paint capabilities, paint performance and testing techniques is required in order to convey a proper level of support to the customer. Technical support / troubleshooting at a customer can be performed both individually or with direct support from other personnel. In either case, accurate record keeping of all technical / troubleshooting activities is a must in order to properly communicate the “voice of the customer” back to the organization.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Customer Technical Service Support
    • Provide standard technical support to customers (in support of sales) as directed by Technical Director.
    • Testing of primer and topcoat products in the field prior to application when required using standard industry equipment to measure viscosity, temperature, polarity, resistivity, etc.
    • Field application of coatings (primer / topcoat) to panels or parts for immediate in-situ testing or future testing in the laboratory.
    • Testing of process parameters and finish coated products using technical equipment such as oven data recorders, wet and dry film thickness gauges, gloss meters, hand-held spectrophotometers, etc.
    • Troubleshooting of production processes to resolve coating related issues. Understand fundamental process unit operations and their potential impact on finish quality (washing/rinsing; blasting, etc.). Be familiar with and able to apply root cause failure mode analysis tools.
    • Provide application knowledge, guidance and training for customers who use various paint spray application equipment including various electrostatic applications, airless, conventional air, gravity fed, and HVLP type spray guns.
    • Develop an understanding and utilize the operating fundamentals of dip and flow coating processes and application.
    • Applied knowledge of bake, air-dry, force cure and infrared cure paint systems.
    • Conduct and document new product trials at customer facilities.
    • Support new product commercialization activities.
    • Assess current coating performance (matching product to process)
    • Paint sample collection activities for future analysis.
    • Inventory checks and reporting
    • Initiate work toward obtaining NACE Institute: Coatings Inspector Level 1 certification

  • Advanced Customer Technical Service Support
    • Provide advanced technical support to customers (in support of sales) as directed by Technical Director as well as any of the duties above when called on to do so.
    • Understand manufacturing fundamentals such production capabilities, asset productivity, plant capacity, etc. Assist in quantification of value of identified projects and continuous improvement efforts.
    • Trained in six sigma (minimum yellow belt) and lean manufacturing tools (5S, Five Whys / FMEA, TPM, etc.)
    • Formulate and implement pertinent data collection programs.
    • Conduct and document Line audits at existing or targeted potential accounts in order to collect all pertinent input variables required for new product development and business reviews.
    • Identifying, conduct and document cost reduction / value added service projects in support of long-term business contracts / guaranteed cost savings programs
    • NACE Coatings Inspector Level 1 certified
    • Support new product commercialization.
    • Support customer manufacturing transitions of paint suppliers (away from competitors).
    • Contribute information to enhance market strategy by monitoring competitive products and service offerings.

Job Requirements:

  • A minimum of a 2 to 4-year degree in a pertinent field or equivalent industry / manufacturing related experience.
  • Advanced people skills with high a high degree of listening capability. Adaptable to dealing with varying personalities.
  • Strong oral and written communication skills.
  • Must be able to: multi-task, routinely coordinate travel itineraries, and organize and document information efficiently.
  • Able to use Microsoft Windows, Office and other pertinent ERP software.
  • Troubleshooting abilities. FMEA, 5 Whys
  • Background in equipment and plant operations, preferably in powder and/or liquid coatings

Key Deliverables:

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Documented Key Account Technical Service Plan (identification of key to quality/performance parameters at the customer facility with a direct link to our product quality control specifications).
  • Documented line audits, data collection programs, continuous improvement efforts, cost savings programs.

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