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Sheboygan Paint Company formulates and supplies custom finishing solutions for our customer's coating requirements. We provide high quality, cost effective, and environmentally compliant products to meet their needs.
Sheboygan Paint Company produces the following coating systems...
Water Base Systems
Water Reducible Alkyds
Acrylic Emulsions
Water Reducible Urethanes
Epoxy Esters
Water Reducible Wood Stains
Alkyd Melamine Bakes
Self Cross-Linking Acrylics

Solvent Base Systems
High Solids and Conventional Alkyds
High Solids and Conventional Urethanes
3.0 VOC Polyester Bakes
Epoxy Primers
Zinc-Rich Epoxy Primers
Alkyd Melamine Bakes
Nitrocellulose Lacquers
Pre-Catalyzed Lacquers
Wood Stains

Sheboygan Paint Company's account base consists of...
Agricultural Equipment
Water Reducible and Conventional Solids Alkyds
Conventional Solids 2K Urethanes
Epoxy Primers
Container Refinish
Water Reducible Alkyd
Drum and Dumpster Coating
Electric Motors, Generators, and Transformers
Waterbase Acrylic Emulsion and Compliance Laquers
Gasoline Engines
Hi-Solids Polyester Bake Systems
Molded Wood Flour Toilet Seats
Supply three major domestic producers
Pioneering change over from Conventional Solvent Base to Water Base
Plastic Industry
2K Urethane Coatings for Automotive, Lawn & Garden and Recreational Vehicle Components
Transportation Finishes
Hi-Solids 2K Urethane for garbage trucks, automotive truck trailers, cranes and semi-trailers
Hi-Solids and Water Reducible Alkyds for rail car coating
Epoxy and Zinc Rich Primer Systems
Warehouse Racking
Conventional Alkyd, Hi-Solids Alkyd and Water Reducible Alkyd
Wood Finishing
Lacquer, Pre-cat, Conventional Varnish, Stain Systems and Waterbase Acrylic and Waterbase Urethane Coatings
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